Free Shipping Within India!
Free Shipping Within India!

Return Policy

Oh no! We make every shoe with great love, care & expertise and we are sorry that the shoe we shipped didn’t work for you!

It is our priority to help you return these shoes at the earliest possible, and get you the perfect ones instead!

Please note: We only accept returns for shoes that have been purchased for our website. We do not accept returns on discounted purchases. We require the shoes to be returned, along with the provided packaging, in an unused and undamaged, condition.

Step 1: Notify us at the earliest possible by completing our 30 second return request form below. We accept return requests within 14 days of the purchase. The faster you inform us, the sooner we can initiate the return process & get you those perfect shoes!

Step 2: Within a few seconds, we will send you an email with a link to arrange your pick up. You will be required to enter your pick up address and the pick up will be arranged.

Step 3: Our trusted logistic partners will arrive at your doorstep to pick up the return shipment. You will be required to return the original invoice, along with the packed items and pay for the return courier charges at the time of the pick up.

Step 4: Once your shipment arrives at our facility, we take 4-5 business days, to verify and accept the return.

Step 5: If the shoes were returned to us in perfect, unworn conditions, then, we will email you a coupon code, with the credit value for the returned shipment. You may use this coupon code immediately and to purchase any product on our website.